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Who Is The New iPod Touch Actually For?

Who Is The New iPod Touch Actually For?

This week Apple finally released a refresh to their iPod Touch lineup. It’s a great upgrade thanks to the improved specs and the new camera, but who is this actually for? The iPod Touch has always been something for those who couldn’t afford an iPhone, but still wanted the same experiences as the latest and greatest iPhone. The new iPod Touch does that, sort of, but it lacks a few things to complete the experience.

First of all, the 6th Generation iPod Touch is still really, really small. Now that the iPhone has grown up to be 4.7″ and 5.5″, the previous 4″ inch screen size feels insanely small (as if it didn’t already). So with a device that many people use solely for gaming, why did Apple still include a 4″ display? It seems a bit strange, and that’s putting it likely. Sure, it makes it more portable for those who want the device for listening to music, but it’s not like 4.7″ is too big for that. So why a 4″ display? Sadly, there’s no clear answer. While many will still be happy with the small size, personally, it feels behind the times to me.

The 6th gen iPod Touch is quite a bit smaller than the iPhone 6.

The 6th gen iPod Touch is quite a bit smaller than the iPhone 6.

Speaking of which, the new iPod Touch is missing something else, Touch ID. After seeing three different iPhone models with Touch ID and a couple of iPads, it seemed like everything would get the system. However, the iPod Touch has the same boring home button as year’s past. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but once you’ve used Touch ID on an iOS device, it’s something you’re going to want on everything.

So who is the 6th generation iPod Touch for? It’s not exactly a companion to your iPhone since it doesn’t do anything different, and it’s not really a dedicated gaming device anymore for the kids. Could it still be? Sure, but if you’re the parent rocking your iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, the kids might be a bit disappointed.

In the end, there’s one reason and one reason only we even have a 6th generation iPod Touch. Apple Music. The new streaming service has proven very popular so far, and it’s going to be a success. With a new iPod available that works with the streaming service, it only makes sense that those who are in love with the service will get an iPod Touch to use it in situations they’d rather not use an iPhone.


The new iPod Touch will shine with hardcore Apple Music fans.

Are you planning to get a 6th gen iPod Touch? Let us know in the comments below!

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