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ZNAPS Is A Magnetic Charging Accessory That You Should Definitely Back On Kickstarter

ZNAPS Is A Magnetic Charging Accessory That You Should Definitely Back On Kickstarter

Wireless charging may be awesome, but it’s also slow. So how can we make charging more convenient without sacrificing speed? A new product on Kickstarter called ZNAPS aims to answer that, and they’re doing it in a very clever way.

If you’ve ever seen a recent MacBook, you’ve undoubtedly seen the MagSafe charger which attaches via a magnet. It’s super convenient and MacBook users have been loving it for years. ZNAPS takes this same idea and applies it to smartphones.

To accomplish this, ZNAPS uses a special connector that inserts into your charging port, either microUSB or lightning, and has a magnetic adapter at the bottom. Another adapter goes on top of your standard charging cable which connects to the connector in your smartphone. The connector is also designed to help you avoid water damage since it creates a water tight seal around the charging port (note, this doesn’t make your device waterproof, but simply adds a little bit of extra protection).

How ZNAPS works.

How ZNAPS works.

ZNAPS claims that the connector won’t interfere with the majority of cases, but it’s not a guarantee.

ZNAPS is currently on Kickstarter with pledges starting a just $9. The base pledge will get you one connector and one adapter in the model of your choice. $15 gets you one connector and two adapters. From there prices go up a few dollars to add further connectors and adapters. There is also an option to create custom combinations of adapters and connectors. As of right now ZNAPS has 26 days left in their goal and has raised over $200,000. The campaign ends on August 14th and products are expected to ship to customers starting in November of this year.

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