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What I Want To See From The OnePlus 2

What I Want To See From The OnePlus 2
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We’re only a couple of weeks away from the OnePlus 2 and excitement is building. We’ve heard numerous rumors and seen plenty of official announcements about the phone. So far we’ve found out a lot about the phone, but not everything. There’s a lot to expect from the OnePlus 2, but here’s 5 things I want to see.

5. Swappable Backs We Can Actually Buy

On the OnePlus One, one of the most intriguing options was the SwapStyle covers which allowed users to have back covers with materials ranging from Bamboo to Denim. However, it never actually happened.

Look at all the options that never actually released...

Look at all the options that never actually released…


We did get one cover, the Bamboo option, but technically it was never available. OnePlus was only selling the stock they had available. Even though OnePlus is a small company with limited manufacturing power, the SwapStyle covers are a very interesting idea and I’d really like to see it happen on the OnePlus 2.

4. No More 16GB Variant

Even though few people bought it on the original OnePlus One, I don’t want to see a 16GB variant on the OnePlus 2. Give me a 32GB and 64GB variant. Even if that means the base model is just a bit more expensive, it’s worth it in the end. Can users get by with 16GB? Yes, totally, but they shouldn’t have to at this point in time. With the rest of the market transitioning to a base model 32GB, it’s time for OnePlus to join the crowd.

3. Smaller Bezels, Same Screen

Screen size is a huge debate in the Android community, but most everyone can agree that a 5.5″ inch display is pretty ideal if the bezels are kept small. LG has mastered this, but OnePlus could do the same if they try. The bezels on the OnePlus One (especially on top and bottom) were one of the low points of the phone for me. If OnePlus can keep the same 5.5″ inch screen size in the OnePlus 2, but thin out the bezels, I’ll be one happy Android user.

Bezels on the OnePlus One weren't huge, but compared to other 5.5" phones, they had room to improve.

Bezels on the OnePlus One weren’t huge, but compared to other 5.5″ phones, they had room to improve.

2. No More Capacitive Buttons

Out of everything on this list, I think this is the least likely. On the OnePlus One, users had the capability to switch between capacitive or on-screen navigation buttons. As far as choice goes, that’s awesome. However it caused an issue for me. As a person who wants to use on-screen navigation, I had to deal with this massive bottom bezel. This is something I really don’t want to see again. OnePlus either needs to make it so the capacitive buttons are very small to where those using on-screen navigation aren’t affect, or they need to kill them off all together.

1. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is amazing. We can all agree on that right? If you’ve ever tried wireless charging, odds are you don’t want to go back to plugging in the cable. I sure don’t. With the OnePlus 2 bringing the latest charging standard, USB-C, can’t they also throw in Qi wireless charging? At the very least, I want a good way to add it without one of those ugly adapters.

What To Expect And What’s Known About The OnePlus 2:

Do you agree with my list? What do you want to see from the OnePlus 2? Let us know down in the comments below or on social media!

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