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On The Eve Of USB Type-C, A Reversible MicroUSB Cable Hits Indiegogo

On The Eve Of USB Type-C, A Reversible MicroUSB Cable Hits Indiegogo

One of the biggest advantages USB Type-C has over microUSB is that it’s reversible. Well, that and about a million other things. However even though we’re going to start seeing USB Type-C on devices, it’s going to be a while until everything uses it. In the meantime, microUSB is still the big standard. Now WinnerGear has put a brand new type of microUSB cable on IndieGoGo which is reversible on both ends.


The design of the microUSB end of the MicFlip should fit in a charging port in either orientation

The MicFlip microUSB cable uses high quality materials such as nylon coating on the cord, an aluminum shell, and even gold plated plugs to avoid corrosion. But who cares about that right? The real story is that this cable is reversible. Using a clever design this cable can fit into a charging port both right side up and upside down, and in reality it’s a miracle we’ve never seen anyone do this before.

The MicFlip is up on Kickstarter right now and at the moment you can get a single cable for $15 with free shipping. At retail the MicFlip will cost $20. When this product is available we’ll have our hands on it to give you our thoughts on it.

Source: Indiegogo

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