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President Of Nintendo Satoru Iwata Passes Away

President Of Nintendo Satoru Iwata Passes Away

It’s an eventuality of life as we know it, but it still stings when someone you love, respect, and admire passes away in death. For Satoru Iwata, his contribution to Nintendo and to the game industry as a whole is nothing short of amazing, and it hurts to see him go.

Nintendo released a statement, and they regret to announce that President Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth.

Iwata has had health problems for a while now. Last year, Iwata was unable to attend E3 due to an operation to remove a prior bile duct growth which was successful. Iwata was also unable to attend Nintendo’s annual shareholder’s meeting last year due to illness.

When it came to his health, Satoru Iwata was always able to pull through. Now, his illness was too much to bear, and he has passed away at age 55.

Iwata’s many decades at Nintendo was not just as a businessman. He was a programmer, a game maker, a gamer. As President, he saw many highs and lows for Nintendo. Still, his determination to focus on what makes Nintendo who it is managed to pull the company through hardships.

Sadly, Nintendo’s console market is currently weak, but that doesn’t change the fact that Iwata was the kind of man that would believe and would do whatever he could to turn things around in the best interest of Nintendo.

As a powerful figure of the industry and one of the many faces of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata will be sorely missed by the industry and fans alike. Our thoughts go directly to you, Mr. Iwata.


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