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Want Ethernet For Your Chromecast? This New $15 Adapter Will Let You Use It

Want Ethernet For Your Chromecast? This New $15 Adapter Will Let You Use It

Wireless internet is great, but it’s not a lie that it’s slower than standard wired connections. Fast speeds are important when you’re trying to stream video, and with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi built into the Chromecast, that’s not always ideal. While we don’t have a new Chromecast yet with the better 5GHz Wi-Fi, we do now have a way to use the Chromecast with a wired Ethernet connection.

Using a new power/Ethernet adapted built for the Chromecast, you can hookup directly to your Internet router and get fast, reliable speeds. The new adapter uses the MicroUSB port on the Chromecast to enable this since it’s the only port on the Chromecast. Obviously you’ll need to have an Etheret connection in the vicinity of your Chromecast, but the faster, more reliable speeds should be worth it.


This adapter is available on the Google Store for $15 (plus tax and shipping at checkout). Right now it seems to be US-only. It’s potentially possible this would work with something like the Nexus Player, but that’s really unknown at the moment.

Source: Google Store

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