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Instagram Increases Photo Resolution From 640×640 To 1080×1080

Instagram Increases Photo Resolution From 640×640 To 1080×1080

Instagram is one of the most photo sharing platforms out there and for good reason. It works great and makes sharing images and videos easy. However it’s got one flaw. Those important life moments (yes, your breakfast and sunsets) are resized to just a mere 640×640 in resolution. Considering most phones today shoot photos with nearly 5x that resolution, it’s safe to say that once a photo is used on Instagram, it can’t be used in many other places. However today, that changes. At least a little bit.

Instagram today announced that photo resolution would be increased in a new update from 640×640 to 1080×1080. The update is heading to both iOS and Android with a slow rollout. We don’t know exactly when everyone will get it, but early users are already reporting a noticeable difference in photo quality. We also don’t know if this is an update on Instagram’s end, or if it will require an app update.

Instagram as also made another promise. Their going to fix the horrible image processing in their Android app. This is something we’ve been waiting for a long time, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see it finally happening.


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