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iClever 4-Port 48W 9.6A USB Car Charger Review

iClever 4-Port 48W 9.6A USB Car Charger Review

Car chargers are something everyone needs, but not all of them are any good. Lately I’ve been checking out an option from iClever that brings plenty of ports and tons of juice. Let’s take a quick look.


This car charger brings 4 USB ports all capable of delivering a full 2.4 amp charge to 4 devices simultaneously. It also has a technology which iClever calls “SmartID” which allows the charger to adjust the amount of power going to each device and give the right amount of power to each one.



The build quality on this charger is another big highlight. The main portion of the charger is made out of plastic, but it feels sturdy and built to last. The rest of the charger is surprisingly made out of aluminum. It provides a nice look and should fit well into any car’s interior.

As far as the performance, this charger works just as well as most. It provides a stable charge to my device, but it’s quite as fast as it’s spec might make you think. For the most part I would get a charger comparable to a 2.1A wall charger. However that’s not a bad thing. It’s a good, stable charge and it can provide that same charge to an additional 3 devices at the same time.


At $15.99, the iClever 4-port USB car charger is a solid option and worth every penny. The main highlight is the build quality which is top of the line for anything near it’s price point. The performance is also great especially if you have a family of people charging at once or if you’re just like me and have more devices than you’d care to admit in need of a top off. You can get this charger on Amazon at the link below.

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