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Apple Music Costs Only $2 Per Month In India

Apple Music Costs Only $2 Per Month In India
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Apple Music finally released to the public just a couple days ago and so far most users seem to like it. While right now everyone is on a free trial, in a couple months users who choose to remain on the service, at least in the US, will be putting up $10 a month to do so. In other countries though, that’s not the case.

In the United States, users are charged either $10, for a single account, or $14 for a family account. The main reasons for this is because of the type of music are listening to. Tracks from popular artists generally cost more than music from smaller, local artists. So in other countries, where local music is far more dominant, users will be charged far less to use the service.

In Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil, Apple Music will be $5 for a single account, or $7 for a family. Hong Kong is priced at $6 and $10. Singapore at $7.50 and $11. However India pulls in the lowest price at just $2 (120~ Rp) for a single account and $3 for a family account.

India is high up there on Apple’s radar in terms of growth potential, so offering the service this cheap could lure users in India into buying other Apple products. However since Apple Music is coming to Android later this year, it’s going to work out great for anyone who lives in India. There are other services cheaper than this in India, but Apple Music competes in price with the biggest ones.

If you live in India, is Apple Music a service you’re going to subscribe to? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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