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Google Pushes Hangouts 4.0 With Material Design To iOS

Google Pushes Hangouts 4.0 With Material Design To iOS

We’ve been waiting a while for Google to start rolling out Hangouts 4.0 with Material Design to Android users, but Google’s not leaving out iOS users. In fact, they are giving them a head start. Yesterday Google update Hangouts for iOS to version 4.0 and it’s a pretty huge update. Here are the details.

For the most part, the update focuses on the design. Departing from previous versions, this update has a full material overhaul and it looks very similar to the Android version we saw leaked a few weeks ago. The conversation window now has quick access to stickers, images, the camera, and location. You can now even send multiple images at a time!

One of the big changes you can’t see however is the performance fixes. In it’s previous version the Hangouts app for iOS was terrible. It was very slow and at times completely unusable. Notifications were also very unreliable. However in the new update, all those woes have been fixed. Performance is still a bit hit or miss, but it’s lightyears ahead of what we had.

Hangouts 4.0 is available now on the app store for download. The update should be heading to Android very soon.

Source: App Store

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