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Syma X4 Assault Review – A Great Quadcopter For Indoor Flights

Syma X4 Assault Review – A Great Quadcopter For Indoor Flights

Quadcopters are a blast, but unfortunately we can’t always fly them outdoors. So what do you do when you want to fly indoors without bugging everyone in the house or damaging anything? Simply put, you buy the Syma X4.

Disclaimer: I’m not a quadcopter expert, I don’t know every little fact about them. My quadcopter reviews are purely from the perspective of a novice.


  • 15.5cm L x 14cm W x 3.5cm H
  • Est Flight Time: 6-7 mins
  • Est Charge Time: 60 mins
  • Battery: 200mAh Li-po
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Range: 50-60m
  • Weight: 0.2kg
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Stock image provided by

Ease Of Flight

Just like Syma’s other quadcopters, the X4 is very easy to fly and is very easy to control. The yaw rate (turning around in a circle) is a bit slow, but when you have the Syma X4 on “high” mode, it’s still very quick. Response to controls is quick as well. Flight outdoors is possible, but not great. It works well in close range, but the farther you go, even within the 50m range, the less the response from the controls. However where this quadcopter really shines is in indoor flight. Not only is it agile enough to fly around the room with ease, but it’s also far quieter than any other quadcopter I’ve tried. The whine of the propellers and motors is not very loud and you could easily fly this in one room without disturbing someone in the other.


Just like it’s brother, the Syma X11, the Syma X4 is very durable. It has a strong prop guard built in that protects the props and the quad itself from hitting trees or walls in flight. Unfortunately for those who like to live on the edge, that guard is not removable. However the motors and props are all nicely protected and this quad should easily be able to take a beating while you’re first learning how to fly.


Battery Life

Packed inside the Syma X4 is a 200mAh Li-po battery that plugs in externally. The battery provided me with flight times of somewhere around 6-8 minutes. If I kept it on low I could achieve quite a bit more than that as well. I was quite impressed with the battery life as it compared to the Syma X11 with an extended battery, but I do have one complaint. The battery itself is stored underneath a door which out of the box, is screwed down. The battery is swapable, but that door/screw makes that something I didn’t want to deal with all the time. In the end I simply removed the screw as the door will stay closed without it.

Charging time usually lands somewhere around 25-35 minutes depending on how close to dead the battery was.

Another small complaint regarding the battery is that the quadcopter does not give an indication when the battery is about to die. Most quadcopters begin blinking between 30 and 60 seconds before the battery will die. The Syma X4 does not do this. That can be a major problem if you use this quadcopter outdoors so be sure to keep in mind how much time is passing when you’re flying.


The controller included with the Syma X4 is the default controller that is included in Syma’s smaller quadcopters. It borrows many design cues from game console controllers and overall it’s a decent controller. It fits well in your hand and it’s easy to fly with it. The range is good, the battery will last a while, and the response times are very good.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Syma X4 makes for a great quadcopter. Personally, it’s not at the top of my “to buy list”, but it’s certainly a great one. At around $30 it’s certainly a pretty good deal. However, what makes it better than the Syma X11 which hits the same price tag? Simply put, the sound. The Syma X4 is far quieter and that, at least in my opinion, makes it better for flying indoors. Not to mention, kids will love the design. It’s certainly the coolest looking quadcopter I’ve used.


If you’re looking to buy the Syma X4, there are links down below to buy it on Gearbest and Amazon. It’s a quadcopter I can highly recommend.

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