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E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage – Sony

E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage – Sony

it’s time for number 2 of the Big Three (Sony) to make their E3 2015 showing. as we know by now. Sony is leading the pack in the console market, but it needs to be sure to maintain its lead. Microsoft may be able to close the gap, so Sony needs the content now more than ever to maintain dominance.

Can they do it? Is Sony our gaming savior from the evil Microsoft clutches? Hyperbole aside, Sony may not have as strong of a first-party lineup, but their Press Conference is the best of the Three so far!

Last GuardianThe Last Guardian!!!

It’s official, the subtitle of E3 2015 is “Open with a Bang!”. Every time it escalates, to the point where borderline vaporware gets shown off. Cue The Last Guardian’s extended gameplay sequence, showing that no, The Last Guardian is not dead. The game is currently looking at a 2016 release window, but we’ll see how long that holds up.

HorizonHorizon: Zero Dawn

The aesthetic and tone of Horizon: Zero Dawn hits me in all the right spots. Modern humans become endangered and are now considered the Old Ones. Humans are now tribal among the ruins of a previous civilization. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the robot dinosaurs that now roam the wilderness. Everything about Guerrilla Games’ next project has me intrigued, and I can’t wait for more!


We’ll probably see more at Square Enix’s conference, but a new Hitman game has been announced. With the short trailer, we can confirm that you will still assume the role of Agent 47, maybe after the events of Absolution. The reason it’s here? The Beta will be coming to PlayStation 4, as well as 6 unique contracts for the main game.

Street FighterStreet Fighter V

Very little was shown of Street Fighter V, but we did see a new stage and new characters. Birdie and Cammy are coming (with Birdie being a rather obscure pull) and the stage reminds me of Grand Central Station in New York City. The Public Beta will be available for Street Fighter V on July 23rd for the PlayStation 4.

No Man's SkyNo Man’s Sky

We did get some more gameplay of HelloGames’ space adventure simulator. This time, we get to see weapons and combat against enemy ships and Sentinels. Some story details show that the goal of the game is to reach the center of the galaxy while Sentinels chase you. Sadly, still no release date for the game.


Media Molecule is known for making some bizarrely cutesy games, but Dreams takes the cake. The game appears to use motion control art creation and puppeteering that can be shared with friends, and the demo shown had some really trippy stuff.

Fire WatchFirewatch

This one is rather interesting. Firewatch’s premise is that you are a park ranger, and your overseer talks over walkie-talkie to you as you help visitors. As is the case with most adventure games, the sinister tone starts kicking in, and the mystery deepens. Firewatch will make its console debut on the PlayStation 4.

Destiny: The Taken King

For those who still play Destiny, The Taken King expansion is coming soon, As with other Destiny content before it, the PlayStation 4 version will get exclusive content.

AC SyndicateAssassin’s Creed Syndicate

A lack of gameplay was not what I expected to see of Syndicate at Sony’s conference, but we did get a better look at Jacob Frye’s twin sister Evie. While Jacob is action-packed, Evie is more sneaky-stabby. And of course, the PlayStation 4 version will have exclusive content.

World FFWorld of Final Fantasy

A rather strange Final Fantasy spinoff was announced as well. The gameplay will probably be reminescent of what you expect of Final Fantasy, but the chibi/Kingdom Hearts art style may turn some away. Not much else is known other than that it is a PlayStation 4/Vita exclusive.

VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake

That wasn’t the only Final Fantasy announcement, and no. It’s not Final Fantasy XV. After years of the PS3 tech demo tease, Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming, something it desperately needs. What’s even more intersting it that it was announced to come out on PlayStation first. Does this mean that Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to Xbox One and/or PC? Who knows, one can hope.

Shenmue 3Shenmue 3

To top off the trifecta of borderline vaporware games is Shenmue 3, but it still isn’t confirmed yet. Strangely, Shenmue 3 is heading to Kickstarter to get it off the ground. If it was just the Kickstarter, fine, but in the middle of an E3 Press Conference?! Seems a bit odd to showcase a game on your expensive conference stage that needs to be Kickstarted. Still, people seem to love it enough to break $1,000,000 in two hours.

BatmanBatman: Arkham Knight

This is becoming a trend, isn’t it? Sony seems to love their PlayStation-exclusive content, and Arkham Knight is no different. The PlayStation 4 version will include the Scarecrow Nightmare missions.

Project Morpheus

I’m shocked by how little screentime Project Morpheus got. Here’s a video of the hardware, here are some game coming to it, and here’s a teaser of a demo that you can play with others playable at E3. That’s it. I wish there was more to say, but that’s really it.

PlayStation Vue

Continuing last year’s switching of focus with Microsoft, the TV talk came back again this year, but was fortunately much shorter. Something interesting to note is that PlayStation Vue is coming and will allow for individual TV channel subscriptions, the first television provider in the States to ever do so.

Cod Blops 3Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Here it is. It’s practically confirmed at this point that Microsoft lost its exclusivity deal with Activision, and it’s a bit jarring to see Call of Duty: Black Ops III at Sony’s conference. The gameplay demo showed of the new 4-player co-op, as well as the faster-paced multiplayer. I’ve said it before, but I much prefer wall running and sliding over 360 no-scoping any day. Now for the first time in years, PlayStation gets the DLC first, as well as the multiplayer beta.

Battlefron5tStar Wars

Two Star Wars game tidbits were also shown, one a bit more important than the other (you guess which one). Disney Infinity 3.0 will be adding Star Wars figurines and will have PlayStation-exclusive content.

Some more info was shed on Star Wars Battlefront’s local content as well. The game will support local splitscreen and a co-op Horde Mode was shown off.

Uncharted 4Uncharted 4

The last entry of the show is unsurprisingly Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It looked visually impressive as you’d expect it would, but these best part was that the live demo bugged out and was not controllable. Why would that be good? It proves that the person on stage was actually playing the demo, and it wasn’t just a pre-rendered “gameplay” trailer. The section shown off had a driving section, so I’m curious to see if more moments like this will be in the final game.

Geez, that was a ton of info, and so much of it has bumped Sony’s conference above Microsoft’s to me (at least for now) While I’m getting tired of the PlayStation-exclusive tertiary content, the confirmation of three different long-sought games takes Sony over the top. I’m really curious what Nintendo has up its sleeve.

With that, this has been a fun-filled day, but I need to get to sleep and get ready for the last two Press Conferences.

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