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Last.FM 2.0 Review

Last.FM 2.0 Review

Earlier this week the popular scrobbling Last.FM updated their android app to version 2.0.0 Including a complete redesign, implementing a more modern material look. The update also brings the ability to scrobble from more media sources including Soundcloud, Spotify, Radio, and Play Music.


The app is really straightforward, play music from just about any one of your favorite music streaming apps and let Last.FM do the rest. As the song plays Last.FM will collect info about the track , name, artist , album etc.  Then via the app you can see a collection of all your scrobbled artists, albums, and tracks and how many times a said artist or song has been played anywhere between a weeks time to your overall music history.

I tested how well it could correctly collect the music I was playing between Soundcloud, Play Music, and Spotify.  While I found that Play  Music & Soundcloud went off without a hitch I did have issues with the music from Spotify getting scobbled successfully and being saved into recent list of music.  The app as of now does look to simply scrobble playing music and provide a nice catalog of what’s been listened to. If you  want to discover more from an artist  you’ll be redirected to the website in your browser.

Overall if you’re if you’re a fan of Last.FM and want to check out what’s new looking for a way to keep track of your favorite music check out the all new android version of the app today in the Google Play Store.

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