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E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage – EA

E3 2015 Press Conference Coverage – EA

Next up is the long-standing E3-presenting publisher Electronic Arts. Other than some obvious heavy hitters that we expect to see in the form of Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from EA.

So how did the veteran publisher do? Were there all the announcements we could hope for? If I had to sum up the Press Conference in one word, it would be “sports”.

Mass EffectMass Effect: Andromeda

The latest mass Effect game had some details leaked here and there, but now we have a full confirmation of the game. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be taking place in (you guessed it) the Andromeda Galaxy. It is confirmed that N7 and the Mako return, but not much else. Anticipated release is Holiday 2016

NFSNeed for Speed

I’m not sure what to expect from Need for Speed now. From the way it was presented, EA’s goal is to combine the best traits of Underground, Carbon, Most Wanted, and Rivals. This Need for Speed also promises to have to most customization of any game in the series, and it’s planned for a November 3rd release.

Old RepublicThe Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

As Bioware’s Star Wars MMO keeps chugging along, we now have word of an expansion that will add more story, called Knights of the Fallen Empire. The planned release date is October 27th and the expansion will be free for all subscribers.


Unravel is a rather cute puzzle platformer, something I’d never expect to see at an Electronic Arts conference. You play as a yarn figurine that unravels (get it?) to go on an adventure. You can use the loose string for swinging, platforming, and dodging obstacles. Currently’ no release date was shown.

PVZGarden Warfare 2

We we’re teased a bit during Microsoft’s conference, but now we get a better look at Garden Warfare 2. This updated Garden Warfare will ad new modes, classes, and solo play support with bots or local splitscreen. The game will also provide content updates added post-release for free. Garden Warfare 2 is coming Spring 2016, and players of the first game can transfer most of their unlocked characters on release.

SportsballSportsball Time

I have to be honest, my eyes glazed over at this point. Besides a few notable changes, it’s just marginal improvements to annual games that carries on far too long in the conference. There were some new features, including female teams in FIFA 16 and a face modeling phone app for NBA Live 16.


Speaking of phones, we got some more filler content in the form of mobile games. One shown was Minions Paradise. You play as a Minion building up your island sanctuary. That’s about it.

Mirror's EdgeMirror’s Edge: Catalyst

At long last, we finally get to the two most interesting games in the entire conference. The first is Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. While the most we got was a longer trailer, we at least got an idea of how the game is poised to look with its free-running open-world design. We also got an actual release date, and that is February 23rd, 2016.

BattlefrontStar Wars: Battlefront

The other interesting game has to be Star Wars: Battlefront. While it took a while to get to the gameplay reveal, it was totally worth it! The gameplay scenario presented was the Battle of Hoth and showed a variety of combat styles, in-air and on the ground from both the Empire and Rebel sides. As great as it looked, it was heavily scripted. Wei’ll probably have to wait a bit to tell for certain, but that won’t be for long. Star Wars: Battlefront will be releasing on November 17th.

Overall, the Electronics Arts Conference had the most ups and downs of E3 2015 so far. Its strong points were few, but they were indeed strong. However, Its weak points dragged on to bring the vibe down. It’ll be interesting to see the presentations for the other publishers lined up.

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