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Durability and Long-Lasting, Two Dreams

Durability and Long-Lasting, Two Dreams

droidturbo_1Several weeks ago, my basically new Motorola Droid Turbo took a nice bath in a river. The following day, the motherboard on my custom PC died. And the week after, my Canon T3i received a nice scratch right on the lense. It was quite the eventful month for my tech, so much so I had to do some refreshing of many of my favorite tools. While all of these things were happening, I realized something. While tech has been getting prettier, faster, and more connected, most things have not become more durable. A Canon T2i is just about as durable as a Canon T5i. And while yes, my Droid Turbo is Water Resistant (which I am beginning to wonder the basic meaning of) most smartphones have the exact same bane to existence as the first iPhone- water. During all of this time, manufacturers have been making products better at performing, but not better at lasting. And this is a big problem.

My first smartphone was an iPhone 4. While I did not love it, it was a good phone, and arguably one of the best ever. It got the job done. Not only that, but I still have my iPhone 4. This year, when my Droid did not work, I went back to that five year old iPhone and was pleasantly surprised. But I also kept my second smartphone I had. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a great buy when I first got it. It was fast, reliable, and had a great camera. But when I used that Galaxy this year during my stint of relapse, the S3 was pathetic. It would take ages to load apps, connect to GPS, to do anything it was a big event. The Galaxy S3 is only three years old. But the iPhone 4 ran circles around it. Being that I am mainly an Android guy, I tried lots of different things. I flashed the S3 all the way back to the original Android 4.0 that it came with. Still it lagged and under performed. All the while I tried and tried to improve my three year old phone experience, the iPhone performed great, despite being two years older. I was quite disappointed to say the least.

Eventually my Droid was resurrected and now works (mostly), but I was left with many questions as to the durability and life span of our devices. What are your own personal experiences with certain brands? Have you found ones to avoid and ones to repeatedly buy from?

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