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Nsstar Wallet Flip Case For iPhone 6 Plus Review

Nsstar Wallet Flip Case For iPhone 6 Plus Review
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When it comes to cases, I generally prefer using something that is pretty minimal and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. However when Nsstar contacted me to review this wallet flip case for the iPhone 6 Plus, I just had to take a look. This case combines your wallet and your phone case into an inexpensive and good looking case.


On the outside, the case mimics orange leather on the bottom third and on the magnetic clasp. The rest is a dark brown felt-like material. In person, it actually looks really nice and I found myself enjoying the look more than I thought I would. When you flip open the cover, the inside reveals a dark cognac fake leather and an orange hard plastic shell for your phone. The shell (case) itself is actually fairly nice. It’s very minimal covering only the side of the device, but the edges of the flip cover and back should provide ample protection is the case of a drop. All of you ports are easy to access and the buttons have their own cutouts which is a huge plus in my opinion. The camera cutout on the back of the device is fairly deep, but it doesn’t affect the camera at all when shooting pictures.

As for the wallet function of the case, it works as expected. There are two slots open for credit cards and the cards easily slide in and out, yet stay secure in the slots. I’d have to say that my only gripe here is that there are only 2 slots. Considering the size of the iPhone 6 Plus, it feels like at least one more slot could have been added. Another small gripe is that the cover itself does not wake/sleep the phone. You’ll still have to manually turn the screen on and off.


The Nsstar Wallet Flip case for the iPhone 6 Plus is far from a perfect case, but for it’s very low $10.99 price tag, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a flip case for their iPhone. There are several colors options available for this case including blue/green, purple/green, brown/orange, and red/black. I’ve left a link to purchase down below. What are your thoughts on this case? Something you’re looking for? Let us know in  the comments!

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