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Huawei Watch Delayed Until September/October

Huawei Watch Delayed Until September/October

Announced way back at MWC, the Huawei Watch was quickly considered one of the most attractive wearables to date. However we still haven’t heard about the price, the availability, or even the release date. According to Huawei themselves, we will not see the watch until September, and that’s if thing go really well. The head of Huawei’s smartphone division, He Gang, mentioned that we might not see this until October. Why the long wait?

Essentially the reason is because of China.

The Huawei Watch is intended to be an Android Wear device however thanks to the “Great Firewall Of China”, most Google services do not work in the country. Since that is the case, the delay is most likely since Huawei is attempting to find a way to either make Android Wear work for Chinese customers, or trying to find a way to have a second Huawei Watch model for users in China.

Sadly this extended delay may hurt Huawei greatly since by the time it does finally hit market, the second generation Moto 360 and most other new Android Wear devices will have hit the market. Many of those may grab the attention from Huawei.

Via: Want China Times

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