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Get Your Own Custom Vector Portrait Made For As Little As $10!

Get Your Own Custom Vector Portrait Made For As Little As $10!

Profile pictures have become a big deal. They are used everywhere from email, to websites, and most prominently, social media. If you’re an avid Google+ user such as myself, you’ve likely noticed the trend toward using vector portraits as your profile picture. If you don’t have one or want a new style, here’s how to do it.

Designed Anas Khan is currently working on designed vector portraits for many users and you can be among them. While most designers charge over $25 for a simple vector portrait, Anas will sell you one for a little as $10. Prices go up depending on the level of difficulty that the portrait creates. You can check out a gallery of his work so far down below!

So how can you get yours? Simply send a Hangouts message to Anas over Google+ or send him an email using this address:

To sweeten the deal, mention that we sent you and get a $5 discount off your first vector portrait and 25% off further orders.

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