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10 Of The Most Impressive Features Added To Android And iOS In 2015

10 Of The Most Impressive Features Added To Android And iOS In 2015

2015 is nearly halfway done and in it, we’ve seen a lot of awesome announcements about new devices, new features and more. However we’ve also had two gigantic events, Google I/O and WWDC. These events from Google and Apple respectively always bring a lot of new and interesting features to the table. In recent years however, things have become less and less impressive. That said, this year we got a few things added to both Android and iOS that will undoubtedly change things greatly. Let’s talk about a few.
*Note: For Android I am only referring to stock Android, not releases from Samsung, LG, etc

10. Public Transit Directions (Apple)

Since it’s release, Apple’s maps app has gotten a lot better, but there are still many things it lacks. In iOS 9, Apple Maps gains some extra functionality in the form of public transit directions. This has been on other mapping platforms a while, but it’s very nice to see Apple add it to their option.



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