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New 1TB Xbox One Unveiled, Price Drop For 500GB Xbox One

New 1TB Xbox One Unveiled, Price Drop For 500GB Xbox One

If there’s one disadvantage of entering the digital age when it comes to next-gen games, it’s storage space. Even the original 500GB storage space for the Xbox One isn’t a lot now considering games are hitting the 25-50GB range now. The Xbox One has had external hard drive support, but now we’re getting an upgrade.

Announced on Xbox Wire today was Microsoft’s new 1TB Xbox One model. We did see a 1TB console before in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One, but now we have the extra storage readily available in a matte black package.

The 1TB Xbox One will be launching soon for $399, which means that starting today the 500GB Xbox One will be set to a permanent $349 price drop in the United States and other select regions.

Covert Ops ControllerThat’s not all that’s changed. All future consoles will be bundled with an updated controller. This controller will feature a 3.5mm headset, compatible with practically every kind of headphones and headsets known to man. In addition to controls on the headsets themselves, you have to option to adjust volume, mic monitoring, and game and audio balance through the console’s Settings menu. The quality and maximum volume are also improved.

Other controller enhancements include improved bumper performance and wireless firmware updates, meaning you no longer need to connect it to your console via USB. The controller is available stand-alone in black and in a silver-and-black camouflage Covert Forces design.

Xbox Wireless AdapterFor PC users, the Xbox Wireless Adapter will allow you to connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC for gamepad control, as well as in-game chat and high-quality audio support. The Adapter will be launching this fall for $24.99 or bundled with an Xbox One controller for $79.99

The 1TB Xbox One will be available from retailers starting June 16th in the United States and in other markets later in the month. For a limited time in select regions, the 1TB Xbox One will also include a download code for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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