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WWDC 2015 Announcements – Everything You Need To Know

WWDC 2015 Announcements – Everything You Need To Know
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Today Apple had the keynote for their annual developer conference, WWDC, and during the event they had quite a few announcements to impress many Apple users and add some great functionality. There was a lot to talk about, so let’s get down to what you need to know about WWDC 2015.

OS X “El Capitan”

First and foremost we have the latest iteration of Apple’s PC operating system, OS X El Capitan. Apple’s main focus on this latest release was in the experience and in the performance. Obviously in this iteration Apple wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but they did add some much needed functionality and features to the OS.

OS X El Capitan  Image Credit: The Verge

OS X El Capitan
Image Credit: The Verge

One of the changes was to Safari which now has several new features. Those include the ability to pin tabs in the tab bar, having a dedicated area to find out which tab is playing audio and muting it, and more. It’s worth noting that these features can also be found on Google Chrome, but it’s very nice to see them hit Safari for its users. For the most part, Safari just a couple new features. Not too much new here.

Spotlight has also gotten some new natural language searching abilities. This helps make the feature a bit more like a digital assistant rather than simply a search bar. You can put in phrases such as “documents I worked on in June” and Spotlight will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. This also works in mail, photos, and more.

Another nice addition is the ability to snap windows to the screen. Rather than having to manually resize, users can now simply drag to either side of the screen and the window will automatically take up a certain portion of the display. Another window can be added to the other side as well. This feature will allow users to use up the entire display when mutli-tasking.


A small change, but one users will undoubted notice is that the system font has been changed to “San Francisco”, the same font found on the Apple Watch.

As far as performance goes, Apple has some big claims for this version of OS X. They claim that switching apps is now twice as fast and that many apps and functions are considerably faster than previous OS X versions. Metal has also been added to OS X to bring better 3D rendering and claims 40% better efficiency over OpenGL.

OS X El Captian will begin rolling out to users for free this fall. Developer betas are available now and public betas will start in July.

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