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iClever Universal FM Transmitter Review

iClever Universal FM Transmitter Review

I finally got my first car in the past couple months and like any teenager’s first car, it didn’t come packed with all the best equipment. There was no AUX input, no touchscreen controls, nothing like that. My plans initially were to get the head unit replaced, but that’s expensive and I didn’t need to do it right away. That said, I still wanted to listen to music in my car that isn’t just the radio. So what to do? My thoughts immediately went to an FM transmitter.

Sure, these are products of the past, but they still hold an important role. They’re insanely useful and give just about everyone the ability to play their own music in their vehicles. When looking for a good transmitter, I came across one on Amazon from iClever. At $13.99 I didn’t expect anything amazing, but I figured between the low prices and the good reviews, it was worth a shot. Boy am I glad I picked this up.


The iClever Universal FM Transmitter is shockingly good. The transmitter itself plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and then the wire runs down, through the controls, and out to a 3.5mm headphone jack. The controls are pretty easy. Once you’ve plugged the transmitter in, the display turns on and shows what station it’s currently transmitting at. You can go between 88.1 FM and 107.9 FM. You’ll have to experiment which station works best for you when you first get the transmitter. For me the station that works best is 88.3. Keep in mind that if you live in a highly populated area you might have more static and interference. However I live in a fairly rural area and this transmitter gets the job done incredibly well. The audio quality coming back out of my speakers sounds pretty good all things considered. One nice bonus on the transmitter is that the plug doubles as a USB charging port which you can use for your phone.


A couple things to note in specific about this transmitter are listed below.

  • The 3.5 mm cable is a bit short. If your cigarette lighter is in an obscure location, it might be worth picking up an extension cable.
  • The port plugs into your cigarette lighter with a tight fit. It will fit, but it’s a tight one.
  • The display on the transmitter controls stays on all the time. If you leave your car off for long periods of time or have a bad battery in it, I’d recommend unplugging the transmitter when the car is off.

Overall, I’d say you’ll thoroughly enjoy the iClever Universal FM transmitter. It’s a nice product that solves a need many of us still have. The product is available on Amazon for a mere $13.99 at the link below.

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