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iTechTriad Game Reviews – What’s Changed?

iTechTriad Game Reviews – What’s Changed?

Hey there folks. I know it’s been a good while since I’ve written a game review for iTechTriad. So long in fact that we’ve had a site redesign in the meantime. In light of our new footer design for reviews, I wanted to shed light on how I’ll be handling this new feature for game reviews in the future, starting with Splatoon.

First and foremost, the 10-point score remains the same. The final result will be determined by 5 categories, similar to the way that device reviews scores are handled.

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With regards to game reviews, the 5 categories are;

  • Story – This category covers the narrative aspects of the game, including the story, characters, dialogue, and writing. However, a game does not require all of the above (for example, Journey has no dialogue, but has a very clear narrative direction). This score is based more on the quality of the story and how well it meshes with the game’s design than on its actual length.
  • Presentation – This category covers the game’s world building and characterization, as well as its visual and audio fidelity. These can all be subject to personal taste, but there are fundamentals like cohesion and composition that will affect the score.
  • Performance – This category covers the technical performance of the game, including graphical fidelity, supported options, and online functionality if present. Out of all of the categories, this is the most objective. Very rarely can charm and personality make up for technical incompetence.
  • Gameplay – This category covers the purely mechanical aspects of the game. Ratings for gameplay will be in line with the genre and/or previous entries in the series in order to be fair. It doesn’t make sense to compare a first-person shooter to a JRPG.
  • Content – This category covers all of the content in the game, including single-player, multiplayer, collectibles, unlockables, modes, and any other miscellaneous features. As with the story, this score is based more on the quality of the content than its actual amount. Games with a ton of bad content will be rated similar to games with a minuscule amount of good content.

I’ll still be including the In Summary section in addition to the Pros and Cons in the footer, so you’ll still be getting the same quality you expect. Other than that, game reviews will remain relatively unchanged for the time being. With that, here’s to more iTechTriad Game Reviews in the future!

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Macaulay Wentz

Macaulay is a senior editor for iTechTriad who focuses almost entirely on all things gaming. With experience on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, he also has a soft spot for all things Nintendo.