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iPhone 6 Plus Review – This Is What I’ve Always Wanted From You Apple

iPhone 6 Plus Review – This Is What I’ve Always Wanted From You Apple

For years I have not been a fan of Apple products. From their computers to their smartphones, I simply wasn’t a fan. One of my top reasons for disliking their smartphones was simply their size. While they were slowly getting bigger, they still felt like a toy to me just because they were so small. I went to Android continually got bigger and bigger phones all the way until this year when I picked up a Nexus 6. Shortly after, I decided I wanted to give the iPhone 6 a chance as my secondary phone and I simply couldn’t do it. The screen was still too small for me. Now however, I’ve graduated to the iPhone 6 Plus and this is the phone I’ve always wanted to see from Apple.


  • 5.5” inch 1920x1080p IPS display
  • 16, 64, 128GB Storage
  • Apple A8 Dual-Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP Rear Camera w/ OIS

Quick note, yes, I know, we are seriously late to this review. Here’s the thing though, we don’t get review devices from Apple like major sites and it would take months of our income in order to buy the device. I bought the iPhone 6 Plus with my own money, so excuse us for being late. Better late than never right?


One place Apple has always been a top player, if not the top player, is in the hardware. The iPhone 6 Plus brings a unibody aluminum design with rounded corners and it’s a very pleasing design. While there are several gripes I have, overall, I’m pleased. However I would have prefered a design that provided a bit more grip when holding the device without a case or skin as the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the most slippery phones you can buy.


All of that said, the hardware on the iPhone 6 Plus is great. It feels good in the hand, looks nice, and retains remnants of Apple’s previous designs. As long as it doesn’t bend, you’ll be happy with the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of hardware.

Display & Size

It’s something you can’t avoid. The iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest iPhone ever. With a 5.5” inch display, the iPhone line has now gained a full 2” inches in display size since it launched. For me, 5.5” inches is exactly what I wanted. It gives me ample room to type with 2 hands and I couldn’t be happier. However with that, there’s something I can’t stand. The bezel. Apple has apparently attended the Sony-school of phone bezels and dang, they are huge. On the sides they are reasonable, but the top and bottom are ridiculous. When you consider the fact that my Nexus 6 is almost identical in size to the 6 Plus even with an extra half inch of screen size, you know something is wrong.


As for the quality of that 5.5″ inch display, it’s great. The 1080p panel has great colors, great brightness, and pixels are unnoticeable. It’s not a perfect display, but I enjoy it greatly.


I’ll be honest. I’ve never liked iOS. I still have many things I don’t like about it. But on a screen size that’s as big as this, iOS never looked better. It absolutely flies and Apple does make some changes to incorporate the larger display. The home screen can now, for some reason, rotate to the side and the keyboard now has far more functionality when in landscape. Apps also take advantage of the size by using dual panes.



iPhones have always been known to have good, reliable cameras and their latest pair of phones is no different. Both are 8MP shooters with great optics, but Apple made the addition of OIS for the first time in the iPhone 6 Plus.


The camera is as usual, very good. Shots taken are color accurate with Apple’s top notch image processing. Low light is also noticeably improved thanks to OIS. I’ve placed a few sample shots below.

Editors Note: These images have been resized. To see full size versions, click here.

Battery Life

The real star of the show with the iPhone 6 Plus is the battery. Thanks to the larger display, Apple was able to fit a far larger battery inside. Generally the phone lasted me through at minimum a day of heavy use if not two days of light to moderate. The battery life is truly impressive and it’s a great phone for the road warrior or the heavy user.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, I personally think the iPhone 6 Plus is the best iPhone released yet. It’s good in all the right ways and for me, the size is what I’ve always wanted. You cannot go wrong picking up the iPhone 6 Plus if you’re interested in getting a new iPhone. It’s a great phone and I highly recommend it.

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