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Google Launches New Photos Service With Unlimited Free Storage – Available Now

Google Launches New Photos Service With Unlimited Free Storage – Available Now

We’ve heard the speculation and rumors for months now and today Google has finally made it official. They have seperated their photo backup service from Google+ and turned it into it’s own app and service. This service does not require a Google+ account (but it does require a Google account to use). There are many things to love about the service, but there are two that are better than any others. It’s free, and it’s got unlimited storage.

That’s right, Google will back up all your precious photos for free. Images will be compressed to an extent, but you can backup anything up to 16MP in size and up to a 1080p resolution (for videos, duh). Both should be plenty for most users.

Aside from that, the new Photos apps also brings far better sharing. Rather than sharing a gallery on Google+ or something like that, simply select a group of photos, hit “get a link”, and then send that link to the person who you’d like to share photos with. They don’t even need a Google account or the Photos app to see them. Of course if you do have a Google accounts, things get better. You’ll be able to download those photos to add them to your own photos library.


The new Photos service and apps are available now on the web, on Android, and on iOS. If you’re an Android user, the app update is rolling out, but if you’re impatient, you can sideload it here.

What do you think about Google’s new Photos apps?

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