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Secur SP-5000 Solar Powered Speaker Review

Secur SP-5000 Solar Powered Speaker Review

There are two things on every smartphone that keep getting better, but are far from perfect, our batteries, and our speakers. Both can be improved and thanks to a product from Secur.

The Secur SP-5000 is a solar powered speaker that creates a water resistant way to charge your phone and listen to your favorite tunes. This speaker sits on the top of a zippered case which you can easily open up to slip your smartphone or MP3 player inside of to not only plug it into the speaker itself, but the backup battery as well.


The entire thing is water resistant to the rain or some minor spills, dust proof, and shockproof. Inside you can easily fit smaller phones like the iPhone 6 or Moto X, but larger phones don’t fit. The largest phone I was able to fit was a Nexus 5 inside a protective case.


The outside features two 3-watt stereo speakers which get loud enough for use in a group of friends when camping or in similar situations. Sound is fairly crisp and clear as well. One thing I do with the speaker had was the option of connecting via Bluetooth to eliminate an extra wire. However things work out fine as they are.

The SP-5000 also features a 2,000 mAh battery inside which can charge up smartphones like the iPhone 6 with one full charge. However you can add to that 2,000 mAh with the 5.5V solar panel on the outside of the case. The panel can charge the phone and the power bank at the same time with ease as long as you have a place to put it with bright sunlight. Included is a microUSB cable for charging compatible phones as well as a full size microUSB port which you can use to charge using the cable of your choice (Lightning cable for example).

The Secur SP-5000 is not a speaker I’d recommend to everyone, but it’s something I can recommend to anyone who enjoys camping or other outdoor activities.

The speaker retails at $49.99 from Secur’s website. While that price might look a bit high at first, remember, you’re getting a water resistant portable speaker/phone case that charges your device and can recharge using solar power. Check out the link below to pick up the Secur SP-5000 Solar Media Player/Charger.

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