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Halo Back Is A Screen Protector That Adds A Back Button To The iPhone

Halo Back Is A Screen Protector That Adds A Back Button To The iPhone

One of my biggest gripes about the iPhone is the lack of a back button down at the bottom of the screen near the home button. Especially now that iPhones aren’t small anymore, it’s cumbersome to reach up to the top of your screen to get back to the previous screen and the swipe gesture doesn’t always work. Now a product on Kickstarter, the Halo Back screen protector aims to fix that.

Using a “smart layer” underneath the glass the Halo Back mirrors your touch at the bottom of the screen to place it near the top right where the back button is in the iOS interface. This fixes a problem many have had and it’s a product that you definitely need to back while it’s still cheap.

The Halo Back was available to early backers for as low as $12, but at the time of writing the lowest entry is $17 for one unit. Considering the eventual retail price might be $49, you should definitely jump on now if you can. Halo Back will contact you directly after funding has completed to check if you wanted the model for the iPhone 6 or for the 6 Plus.

You can learn more about the Halo Back at the Kickstarter page linked below!

Source: Kickstarter

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