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Two Nexus Smartphones Coming This Year, No Tablet

Two Nexus Smartphones Coming This Year, No Tablet

According to a source familiar with Android Police, we’re going to be seeing a new format for this year’s Nexus release. Rather than a phone and a tablet, we’ll only being seeing smartphones. For 2015, we’ll see two Nexus phones in different sizes and no tablet at all.

For the first device, it’ll be from a familiar OEM. According to Android Police we’ll see a 5.2″ inch device from LG which will have a 5.2″ inch display and a 2,700 mAh battery. It also looks like a Snapdragon 808 chip will be housed inside just like what is found inside the LG G4. The device will have the codename “Angler” and is essentially what everyone has been begging for, a 2015 Nexus 5. Let’s just hope the camera is decent this time around.

We’ve heard before that we might see a Nexus from a new OEM and it looks like that rumor was true. Huawei will also be releasing a 5.7″ inch Nexus powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor. The battery inside would be a whopping 3,500 mAh cell. The codename for this device is “Bullhead”.

Both phones can be expected around October as usual for Nexus smartphones. As for tablets, we simply won’t see one this year, at least according to this rumor. However the Nexus 9 will stick around for another year in the Google Store.

All that said, we could see different results come Google’s announcement, but if this ends up being the case, I’m sure few will have room to complain. What are your thoughts? Are these the phones you’ve been wanting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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