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LG G Watch R Will Support WiFi After All, But Not Until Later This Year

LG G Watch R Will Support WiFi After All, But Not Until Later This Year

With the exciting announcement of Android 5.1 for Android Wear, we saw the addition of WiFi support for smartwatches. Quickly after the announcement, many quickly asked about which Android Wear watches would be able to support WiFi and when they would get the update. Thankfully, the update is rolling out, but not everyone will be able to get WiFi support. Among many Android Wear users, LG G Watch R owners were disappointed to learn that their precious wearable would not support WiFi with the 5.1 update even though the hardware supposedly did.

Thankfully, LG has changed their minds and will provide support for WiFi on the G Watch R. Through a firmware update in Q3 of this year, LG will enable WiFi on the G Watch R. While the 5.1 update is rolling out right now to the G Watch R, owners will have to wait until Q3 to use WiFi.

Better late then never right?

LG Watch Urbane is the only wearable device Currently shipping with the latest version of Android Wear OS and is Wi-Fi capable out of the box. The original LG G Watch was not designed with Wi-Fi in mind and will not have this capability even after the Android Wear update. LG G Watch R will require a maintenance release after the patch update to Android Wear-access Wi-Fi networks. LG engineers are preparing the patch now for availability in the third quarter.

Via: Droid Life

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