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[DEAL ALERT] Nexus 6 For $550 At T-Mobile

[DEAL ALERT] Nexus 6 For $550 At T-Mobile

When the Nexus 6 released, many were shocked at the $650 price tag. For some, that kept many from buying the phone. If you still want it, but can’t quite afford the full retail price, T-Mobile has a deal for you.

Right now T-Mobile is offering the Nexus 6 in it’s 32GB Midnight Blue variant for $549.84. If you want to up the storage, you can get the 64GB variant for $599.76. Both prices take $100 off the retail price. If you would rather use a payment plan, you can do $22.91 per month for 24 months for the 32GB model and $24.99 for the 64GB model.

One of the best things about buying the Nexus 6 from T-Mobile is that it is still a fully unlocked model just like you would get through Google or Motorola. That means you can use it on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or virtually any other carrier.

Source: T-Mobile

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