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Chromecast/Fire TV Stick Giveaway

Chromecast/Fire TV Stick Giveaway

In celebration of hitting 5,000 subscribers, we’re doing a lot of giveaways. To check out the rest, click here. On this page you’ll be able to enter to win your choice of either a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This giveaway is open to US Residents (for shipping reasons). Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Leave a comment on this post with your preference of Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.

Open from May 11th, 2015 to May 31st, 2015

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About The Author

Ben Schoon

Ben is a tech geek who co-founded YourTechExplained in 2016. Constantly switching between devices that literally surround him, he can be found reviewing the latest smartphones around the web.


  1. Ashley Albans

    FireStick as already have two chromecasts

  2. Hassan Voyeau


  3. ryanmmoore

    congrats on the 5K guys! well deserved

  4. Patrick Campanale

    Chromecast! Already have a Fire Stick and it’s nice, but I prefer the Chromecast 🙂

  5. Adam Johnson

    Use 2 Chromecasts currently…Would definitely hook up a Fire Stick also.

  6. Claudio

    Would like to try out the Firestick, Thanks!

  7. Christopher Heidt

    Is like to have a Chromecast, thank you!

  8. alex Smith

    I would like the fire stick because I have 2 chromecasts and I want to review it.

  9. Greg Siemens


  10. Nicholas Spagnolo

    Chromecast Please!! Always wanted one

  11. Scott Coleman

    I have a couple of Chromecasts and would love to try out a Fire TV Stick. Thanks.

  12. kflanagan

    With 2 Chromecasts I’d like to give the Fire TV stick a try!

  13. Peter Morgans


  14. Max Lee

    Got everything Android so you know its going to be a Chromecast

  15. Vedant Mathur

    Fire TV Stick please

  16. Elis B.


  17. Dustin Wood

    FireTV Stick

  18. WinDroidGuy


  19. Matt Anderson


  20. Lain Macauley


  21. Torsten Schommer

    It would be Chromecast for me

  22. erikbirk

    chromecasts are the shiz

  23. Zak Meyer

    chromecast please!

  24. Randal2k

    fire stick yummy

  25. Jaclyn Reynolds

    The Chromecast!

  26. jacob kader

    Thank you that you are doing this your channel is awsome and cool I hope in the future you will reach the 10.000 subscribers and I want the chrome cast thank you for doing this

  27. Carol Roberts clark


  28. Torsten Schommer

    I’m happy for the opportunity to win a Chromecast 🙂

  29. Francis Scardino

    Big fan of Chromecast and have a couple. Would not mind rocking a Fire Stick stick since i’m a Prime member. Either way thanks for the opp to win.

  30. Philip Wingfield

    Fire TV stick. Already have a Chromecast. Or two…

  31. Kevin Johnson

    Chromecast because i need one

  32. pranav pardesi

    Chromecast 🙂

  33. Jan Peterson

    Chromecast, please.

  34. tweetyscute

    Chromecast please

  35. BriGuy

    Chromecast for sure

  36. Gabrielle Compolongo


  37. Nikki

    Defilinely Chromecast.

  38. ArtsyChaos

    I think I’d pick the Chromecast!

  39. Harry Hastead

    Amazon fire TV pls

  40. BillJude56

    Fire TV Stick

  41. Elis B.

    Amazon fire TV

  42. Matt

    Fire TV Stick

  43. Maverick_F14

    Chromecast and thank you for allowing this chance to win one.

  44. Sean Behan

    Chromecast please 🙂 this is an awesome contest. thank you.

  45. Connor Jewiss

    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want this. (In the tune to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song I Really Like You)

  46. Austin Baroudi

    I’d go with the Fire Stick!

  47. Austin Baroudi

    I’d go with the Fire Stick!

  48. Eric Sherlock


  49. John Dorado

    Fire TV Stick please!

  50. Collin Z

    Coommment Chromecast

  51. disqus_zqxxqYWDn3

    chromecast please!