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Try Out Splatoon This Weekend! (Splatoon Direct 5.7.15)

Try Out Splatoon This Weekend! (Splatoon Direct 5.7.15)

Today, we had the timely Direct footage we usually expect from Nintendo’s upcoming games, in this case Splatoon. While there was a lot of information we already knew, it’s nice to have it all compiled into one video. I’ll give my impressions of the Direct soon, but this is more important to get out there.


At the end of the Splatoon Direct, it was announced that a special demo version of Splatoon would be available on the Nintendo eShop for this weekend. This demo (dubbed the Splatoon Global Testfire) is currently ready to download.

TestfireHowever, the Global Testfire will only be playable during certain times. There will only be 3 different hour-long sessions, each set during a different time of the day so that players worldwide get the chance to play at a reasonable time.

It’s nice that we get the chance to play Splatoon in this demo, but it kinda sucks that the amount of time is so short. Compared to other multiplayer demos that last for a week or two, it’s pretty lackluster. Granted, everything else shown off in this Direct still has me excited for the game.

Splatoon comes out for the Wii U on May 28th in Japan and on May 29th in North America and Europe.

Source: Splatoon Direct

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