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Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Will Run Chrome And Firefox Extensions

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Will Run Chrome And Firefox Extensions

Update: We want to make it clear that this was misreported on. The Edge browser will be able to have Chrome and Firefox extensions easily ported to it. They will not be compatible right off the bat. Apologies for the confusion.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been the butt of jokes for a long time now and in Windows 10, the company is finally replacing it. Microsoft Edge is the new browser within Windows 10 and along with a lot of great features, the browser has something that we didn’t expect, the ability to run Chrome and Firefox extensions.

According to The Verge, Edge will have support for extensions that can also be used on Chrome and Firefox. This is a huge plus for the browser as both Chrome and Firefox have built up huge ecosystems with many useful extensions.

Microsoft’s own Joe Belfiore just unveiled the company’s successor to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and he showed how the browser is another extension of Redmond’s cross-platform ambitions. Similar to how Windows 10 supports code from Android and iOS, Edge supports browser extensions from Chrome and Firefox.

At the moment we have no idea how exactly this will work, but regardless it should be very exciting! It’s likely that developers will have to slightly tweak their extensions to work with Edge and the functionality probably will not be available until the browser is fully launched alongside Windows 10 this summer.

Via: Chrome Story

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  1. Robbie Morgan

    This is a smart idea on their part, as it makes it so there isn’t any barrier from supporting Edge, as you can very easily support it, with practically no work from the developer. This will render the old, “no apps because there’s no users, no users because there’s no apps” issue null and void.

  2. Glen Rivard

    Embrace, extend, extinguish. This is a perfect example of what MS always does. I find it funny when people think that MS has changed.

    Look at recent history. Microsoft behind the EU going after Google. We have the recent Sony leaked emails where it was Microsoft that wrote the Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood’s talking points and was behind him going after Google.

    If you can’t beat them burn their house down. Typical MS. I love technology and just want to see things move forward. I can’t stand MS trying to drag everything down.

    It is like that kid picking up their ball and saying no one gets to play.