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Introducing Collections from Google+

Introducing Collections from Google+

Today, Google Plus announced the release of a new feature called Collections.  Collections are a way for users to group their posts into a series of related items.  More specifically a Collection is a themed channel for your content – think of it as a Google+ blog e.g. Salsa in San Diego, Healing with Food, Modern Tap, Paragliding etc.


Collections1When you create a collection, you can post directly to it. Depending upon your settings at creation, your current followers will automatically follow your collection; however those that follow your collection explicitly will not automatically follow you.

A new menu item is available to bring you to collections. This will show you all of your collections, the collections of those in your Circles and an option to view Featured Collections.collections2

Collections3A nice feature is that you can set the Collection to be private, so you can create a collection of items that only you see. The downside of this is that once you set the privacy, you cannot change that visibility without creating a new collection.

After you create your Collection, you can move existing posts from your stream to your collection, and you can remove them from your collection without removing them from your stream. In addition, you can move posts from one collection to another, or share between Collections.

As of this writing, there are some features that are missing. Notably absent is the ability to search within a collection, add a collection description and have a post pinned to the top. It is expected that these features are in the works for future release.

There are many existing Collections that are fascinating to follow and read through. Do you hope to create and share your own collection? If you do, leave a link below to your collections so we can check them out!

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