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Google Employee Says Android 5.1.1 Is “Not Far Out” For The Nexus 9

Google Employee Says Android 5.1.1 Is “Not Far Out” For The Nexus 9

Android 5.1.1 has been the latest version of Android for a couple of weeks now and at the moment very few devices have gotten OTAs or factory images. That’s slowly changing, but one device hasn’t even gotten Android 5.1. The Nexus 9 has been sitting on the same version of Android Lollipop for quite a while and owners are really starting to get annoyed about the lack of updates. However it looks like they don’t have long to wait anymore.

According to a Google employee, the next update for the Nexus 9, Android 5.1.1, is “not far out”. He says he can’t offer details on the exact timeline as he doesn’t directly work with the Nexus 9, but he knows it’s soon. Last minute bugs are causing the delay and are being addressed right now.

I don’t know the timeline (because I’m not directly working on the N9) so saying anything would be speculative and not helpful at all. The team is battling with some last minute bugs and once these are addressed we will roll the update out as fast as possible.

Sascha Prüter says the update is "not far out".

Sascha Prüter says the update is “not far out”.

Several other devices are also waiting for the update, but it’s good to finally see the Nexus 9 getting off of Android 5.0.1. The update could be coming out any time so be sure to keep a sharp eye out for it!

Source: Google+ Nexus 9 Review (8.5/10)

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