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Mighty No. 9 Coming This September, Available Both Digital and Retail

Mighty No. 9 Coming This September, Available Both Digital and Retail

It almost feels like an inevitability with Kickstarter games. The project will start out with its initial release date, then be able to add more content, then push the release date back further and further. Some are torturously drawn out, like Broken Age, but luckily some companies are able to let their backers know sooner rather than later, as is the case with Comcept.

In an update on the game’s website and through an official press release, Comcept has announced that Mighty No. 9 will be releasing on September 15th in North America and on September 18th worldwide.

RetailComcept is partnering with publisher Deep Silver to bring both physical and digital copies to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC/Mac/Linux. The previous-gen versions on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be available digitally only, while the Vita and 3DS versions will be released shortly after.

Although this is a bit of a delay from the previous time window of Spring 2015, this shouldn’t be too surprising since many Kickstarters get delayed as the stretch goals pile on as I mentioned before. Regardless, Comcept is addressing those concerns, stating that this extra time will help improve the game without affecting backer rewards.

As an added bonus, backers will get the currently unnamed Ray DLC set that is included in the retail version for free. This DLC adds an extra level and boss, with the new playable character Ray, Beck’s rival.

Understandably, some may be skeptical as to how Comcept ended up working with an outside partner like Deep Silver, so they’ve prepared a short FAQ on the subject. Most importantly, Comcept still retains creative control of Mighty No. 9, both for this game and any more projects in the franchise. I know that was my point of contention, and I’m glad to see it work out this way.

Again, Mighty No. 9 will be available on September 15th in North America and September 18th worldwide. The digital version will be $19.99 (or regional equivalent) and the retail version that includes the Ray DLC and some Extras will be $29.99.


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