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Devlopers Successfully Port Android Wear To The Samsung Gear 2

Devlopers Successfully Port Android Wear To The Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has made a lot of smartwatches in the past year or two and so far we’ve seen only one running Android Wear. The rest are running Samsung’s Tizen which limits their functionality to just Samsung devices. It’s highly unlikely that Samsung will ever give up Tizen in exchange for Android Wear, but that might not stop Gear 2 owners from running Android Wear .

Thanks to XDA developer biktor_gj, we have now seen that it’s possible to get Android Wear running on the Gear 2. Granted that’s after four months of hard work from the developer. The port is not available for download yet, but since the watch is now booting into Android Wear, the development process should speed up a bit.

Keep in mind that bringing Android Wear to the Gear 2 takes away functionality like the IR blaster and the ability to make and take phone calls.

You can find out more details on the original XDA forum and if you’re a developer yourself, it can’t hurt to contribute to the project! What are your thoughts? Are you glad Android Wear has been ported and may be an option, or would you prefer to stick with Tizen? Let us know in the comments!

Source: XDA

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