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Type ‘Find My Phone’ Into Google And It Will Locate Your Android Phone

Type ‘Find My Phone’ Into Google And It Will Locate Your Android Phone
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Ever lost your phone? Everyone has at some point or another and sometimes it seems that you will never find it again. There are plenty of apps that help you find your phone, both Android and iOS, but there’s never been an easier way then this. Google has just announced that you can now find your phone using nothing but a Google search.

This method uses the Android Device Manager app to find your phone and/or ring it. Android Device manager is nothing new, but this is now the easiest way to access it. Previously users had to log in to Android Device Manager on another smartphone or on a computer to perform these actions. In reality this new method doesn’t save a whole lot of time, but when you’ve lost your phone, especially if it’s been stolen, every second counts.

Of course once your device has been found, you’ll have the options to see the location of the device on GPS, ring the phone, lock it, or wipe it’s data.

This is certainly a welcome addition to the Android Device manager and should prove quite useful.

Source: Google

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