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IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture Will Be Available In US This Spring

IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture Will Be Available In US This Spring

Last month IKEA unveiled a new line of furniture that would be available in their stores for techies like you and me that had wireless charging pads built in. However we didn’t get a lot of info on pricing for this lineup or when it would go on sale. However today we get information, at least for the US.

We’ll have three different kinds of furniture available with built in wireless charging in the form of nightstands, lamps, and simple wireless charging pads. For nightstands, we’ve got the SELJE and the NORDLI. For lamps, we’ve got the VARV and the RIGGAD. These products range from $60 to $120 in price (all prices listed at the bottom of this article).

The SELJE nightstand

The SELJE nightstand

IKEA will also offer wireless charging pads for those without specific furniture in mind which will run between $28 and $65.

Last but not least, IKEA will offer a sort of DIY option in the JYSSEN. This option will fit inside the cord management hole in any existing IKEA desk and will also be able to be placed inside a drilled hole on any piece of furniture. The JYSSEN costs $30 and the tools to drill out a hole cost only $5.


The DIY JYSSEN charger

  • SELJE Nightstand – $59.99
  • NORDLI Nightstand – $109.99
  • VARV Floor Lamp – $119
  • VARV Table Lamp – $69.99
  • RIGGAD Work Lamp – $79.99
  • NORDMÄRKE Single Wireless Charging Pad – $27.99
  • NORDMÄRKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad – $64.99
  • JYSSEN Wireless Charger – $29.99

All of these options will be available at IKEA this Spring in the United States.

Source: IKEA

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