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AT&T Might Stop Offering Two-Year Contracts By The End Of May

AT&T Might Stop Offering Two-Year Contracts By The End Of May

Slowly but surely, the mobile industry in the US is changing. One major change we’ve seen is the rise and popularity of installment plans over contracts. Carriers seem to be pushing these plans hard offering discounts to customers that take advantage of them, however the traditional two-year contract hasn’t gone anywhere. For AT&T however, that may be changing.

Right now rumors are pointing toward the carrier cutting out two-year contracts all together from their business and pushing customers even harder to their AT&T Next program. The changes are rumored to take place toward the end of May this year.

T-Mobile started the trend of installment plans and cutting off contracts was their stance from the beginning, so really it’s not a surprise to see AT&T heading to the same end. While Sprint may be quick to follow this, I don’t think Verizon will be abandoning contracts any time soon.

Source: Android Authority

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