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Sharp Announces A 4K Display For Your Phone, Your Battery Weeps In The Corner

Sharp Announces A 4K Display For Your Phone, Your Battery Weeps In The Corner

It seems only a few yesterday that phones were being released with Quad-HD screens. However in the race to add features that only really matter on paper Sharp have pulled out onto the lead.

Today they announced a monster of a screen. A 5.5 inch 3840 by 2160 pixels. That’s is working out at 806 pixels per square inch. No doubt looking to woo OEM’s into selecting them as the screen provider for their next flagship devices. Now that most major OEM’s have released, or are about to release this years models. After all, it is never too early for thrm to think about their next phone.

Personally I don’t think this something we as consumers really want in our next generation of phones. Several flagships are still using 1080p screens, or 1K if you like. The Moto X (2014) and the HTC M9 both are shipping with a screen that is not by any means top of the line.


It is also taken as a given that the human eye at best can see around 300ppi, not a solid number just one that is accepted as reasonably accurate, then our eyes will not really gain any benefit over a 2K screen. As for the effect a screen like this will have on your battery is so hard to measure right now.

One of the better arguments to the reason that Motorola chose to stay with a 1080p screen with the 2014 Moto X was down to the power drain from 2K screens. That battery technology was not significant enough to provide power in order to keep the phone on all day. A decision that paid off for them.

It is going to be perhaps a year before we see the screens in the phones we are able to buy, so there is no need to get too excited right now. Let us hope that battery technology also improves as greatly otherwise I can easily imagine these screens will absolutely burn through your battery faster than you can imagine. When that happens at least you will be able to console yourself with the knowledge that your phone died while looking good.

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