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FireFlex Vinyls For The Nexus 6 – Has Someone Finally Unseated dbrand As The King of Skins?

FireFlex Vinyls For The Nexus 6 – Has Someone Finally Unseated dbrand As The King of Skins?

Lets get this out of the way first. A TL;DR if you like. Buy these. Head straight over to the Fire Flex website, here, and throw money at them. Then while you wait for your order you can carry on reading.

Fire Flex Vinyls are a new company to offer their take on skins for your mobile device. Based out of the UK they offer a vast selection of skins for many different phones including iPhones, Motorola, Nexus, HTC, Sony and Samsung. Here we have a few for the Nexus 6 to look at.


The first thing you notice about them after you open the packing is how good they feel. I have 3 here a Silver from the Metal Collection, a White Leather and another Leather from the Material collection. Applying each skin is simple. Just take your time, line it up right and stick down. You may want to break out a hair dryer and apply a little heat, and do not forgot to have a bank card or something similar handy to remove any pockets of air.

The first one I put on was the Silver Metal skin. As you can see from the picture above, and in the gallery below, I rushed the process. Just a fraction enough that if you look really hard you can spot it. Minor issue aside, my own fault, the skin applied looks great. It does not feel cheap or nasty in the hand like other skins I have had in the past. After a couple of days I could not wait to see what the Material skin looked like. After spending a little more care applying it the results look better than any picture I have seen.


What you don’t get is a real leather skin. That is okay, it does have a leather type feel. Like the silver one there is a real feeling from the skin. It is not perfectly smooth, it is how you expect it to feel. I have found myself gently stroking the back of my phone. It does feel that good.

Now the Nexus 6 is a big slippy phone. If your hands are not the largest, like mine are, you find that the phone likes to move about as you use it with one hand. While it is not the worst phone I have ever used when it comes to grip levels you do need a little something to keep it in place. For most phones a good case does the job. Even a substandard case will work. Always at a cost – bulk. Adding extra bulk to an already large phone may not be the most appealing idea, especially for the Nexus 6. Installing a skin solves that problem. I finally feel I can use the phone without dropping it with one hand.


The trade off you have with just a skin means if you drop your phone there is no protection. If your phone falls you may as well not have a skin on for all the good it will do. One way round this would be to use a clear case, Amazon sells many good ones if you are worried. What this will come down to is your choice of style vs protection.

Fire Flex have done a fabulous job with these skins. Spend a bit of time looking through the many, many different designs and colours they offer I am sure you will find something that appeals to you. They are priced very reasonably between £7.99 and £9.99 depending on the design that you are looking to get.


For such a young company I see a bright future for Fire Flex. I feel they lack in two areas currently, and that if they manage to address these in the future they will take the crown from dBrand as skin leader. The first is they do not provide front, or sides, for any of their skins. Expanding into this area would leave you with a more complete looking device for some. The second area, more importantly, has nothing to do with the skins. Clicking on the instruction page of their website leads you to a page of text. If they were to put up a couple of instrustional videos showing first time customers how to apply would be a great thing. I have put on many a skin in the past it was simple for me. I do think first timers would greatly benefit from a little guide. I know it is not a big thing, but it is something that dBrand does that helps them stand out so well.

As I said in the beginning of this review just head on over to the Fire Flex website and throw money at them. In return you will get pretty things. The quality is as good as I have seen anywhere else. Their designs are hands down better than what I have seen elsewhere. If you like your devices skinned do take a serious look at what Fire Flex have to offer.

Click here for more information or to buy from Fire Flex

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