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LG G4 Shown Off In New Leaks With Leather Design, New Camera Interface

LG G4 Shown Off In New Leaks With Leather Design, New Camera Interface

With only three weeks between now and the official unveiling of the LG G4, leaks are bound to come out and today we’ve got the biggest one yet. LG’s entire Korean microsite for the new flagship has just been leaked out through Evan Blass and it reveals quite a lot about the new phone.

For the design it looks like there will be no shortage of options, with most being leather. There looks to be 6 different leather variants including brown, black, red, skyblue, beige, and yellow leather. Along with that we have three standard colors in metallic gray, shimmery white, and shiny gold.


The front of the display definitely appears to have a very slight curve to it, but it’s tough to tell in this image and it’s substantially less than what we saw in previously leaked images.

As far as specs, it’s a bit puzzling. LG has listed a Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.5GHz and all the same specifications as the LG G3. If I had to guess, I’d say this information is just a placeholder copied and pasted from an LG G3 spec list. Luckily however it looks like the removable battery will stick around, something we’re seeing less and less now-a-days.

One thing that is more likely to happen is what LG has listed under the display category. Here we have a 5.5″ inch Quad-HD “Quantum” IPS display. LG showed off this new screen technology at CES 2015 on their 4K TVs and also teased the technology when they officially announced the display that will be inside the G4.

Last but not least this leak gives us a quick look at what to expect in the camera app on the G4. It’s similar in many ways to the interface we saw on the LG G3, but with many more controls.


While this microsite does show some conflicting information, it does give us the best look we’ve seen to date at the phone.

The LG G4 is set to be officially unveiled on April 28th at an event. Are you excited by this latest leak, or does it change your opinion of the phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

Source: LG Korea

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  1. Jose Romero

    Not a fan of the front pattern. It’s a bit, should I say, tacky?