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TYLT Vu Wireless Charging Car Mount Review

TYLT Vu Wireless Charging Car Mount Review
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Wireless charging will always be one of my favorite things to do with my mobile devices. I’ve been using it for a while at home, at work, and now thanks to a new wireless charging mount from TYLT, in my car.

This car mount is useful for a number of reasons but let’s get one huge one out of the way, safety. Messing with wires and docks while you’re behind the wheel can be dangerous, but wireless charging is as simple as dropping the phone onto the mount.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the rest of the TYLT Vu car mount.


The TYLT Vu car mount is a very well constructed car mount. It feels very durable and the connection between the mount itself and the base is very strong. The base attaches to either your car dash or windshield with a suction cup with an adhesive bottom. This is great because there’s no doubt that the mount will stick. However on the downside, removing it is extremely tough.

As far as looks go, the TYLT Vu car mount looks awesome. It’s very stylish and depending on the color you choose, will be either bright and pop or it will blend into your car’s interior. It’s a bit big for my taste (the size of my phone doesn’t help), but on larger windshields it should work fine. Since I have a smaller windshield I had to place it up high just to avoid blocking my vision.


The platform can hold just about any phone, but holding larger ones doesn’t always work out well. While the Nexus 5 and DROID Turbo fit perfectly on the mount, my Nexus 6 requires the dock’s arms to be fully extended and even then, it’s still a tight squeeze. Hopefully in future versions of this mount TYLT can up the size capacity.

Also if you’re wondering how to extend the arms once they’ve been squeezed into place, there’s a large button on the top rear side of the mount that does exactly that.

Now of course this is a wireless charging mount, so how does it perform in that regard? It does beautifully. The charger keeps my phone topped off while driving even when the phone’s screen is on showing my maps or my music player. Not once did I see my charge level go down even while performing multiple tasks (i.e. music over Bluetooth and GPS navigation). As for the heat of the phone, I didn’t get much more than the normal heat which is transmitted when using Qi charging. However it’s worth noting that I used this mount in the Winter and early Spring months which means my windshield didn’t get all that hot. It could be a completely different story in the Summer.

Obviously this charger doesn’t go completely without wires, so you’ll still have one running down from the mount into a car charging port. While I don’t love that, obviously we can’t go without that (yet). However TYLT has made the best of it as the charger doesn’t waste space doubling as a second USB port for charging up a second device.


In the end this is an awesome wireless charging mount. It works well, fits most phones, and has a convenience factor through the roof. The only real drawback is it’s size. If you’re like me and you mount your phone docks on the windshield, that’s an issue. However, the placement can allow that issue to be overlooked.

The TYLT Vu Wireless Charging Car Mount is available through TYLT’s website for $79.99. You can also order it on Amazon for the same price, but at the time of this review all four options are out of stock. While that is a tall asking price, it’s not totally out of line. The quality is great and the product certainly fits into a premium price tag.

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