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The Sideclick Takes An Extra Remote Out Of A Cable Cutter’s Living Room

The Sideclick Takes An Extra Remote Out Of A Cable Cutter’s Living Room

For millions of people, cutting the cord is an awesome experience that is enabled by streaming devices. These devices include the Roku, the Chromecast, the Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, and many more. The one problem with using those devices is that you have to use the remote for the device along with the remote for your TV to adjust the volume and turn it off and on. While that’s very much a #firstworldproblem, it’s still inconvenient. However there is now a solution, or at least there’s one that’s coming soon. The Sideclick.

Currently in the funding process on Kickstarter, this device allows you to ditch your TV and soundbar remotes for an add-on to your Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV remote. The Sideclick is essentially a universal remote that attaches to your streaming remote and allows you to control the basic functions of your TV. Those include power on/off, volume up and down, channel up and down, and input.


The Sideclick can be programmed easily using your existing remote. What makes it clever however (heh, rhyme) is that you can use functions from different remotes on the different buttons. For example if you want the power button to turn off and on your TV, you can set that but if you want the volume buttons to interact with your soundbar, you can program that and they will both work on the same remote.

The Sideclick is available for the Roku, the Amazon Fire TV, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Apple TV. Each variant of the side click attaches just a bit differently and is designed to look like a natural part of the remote.


If you like the product, you can check it out on Kickstarter and back it. Right now $20 can get you a Sideclick of your choice along with a promo band that allows you to wrap your streaming remote and regular remote together until your Sideclick arrives in October. However if that one runs out (500 spaces are available), you can pledge $25 to get just the Sideclick on it’s own. 1,000 spots are available here. From that point there are pledge levels up to $150 with options ranging from multiple Sideclicks, a limited edition Chrome Sideclick, and even dinner a Tiger Wood’s new restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

Do you find this idea useful? Are you going to back it? Let us know down in the comments below!

Sideclick on Kickstarter

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