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Audi And Delphi Send A Self-Driving Car Across The US In Nine Days

Audi And Delphi Send A Self-Driving Car Across The US In Nine Days

Self-driving cars have been a hot topic of late and with companies like Google, Tesla, and more working on their own versions of it, it’s only a matter of time before we see self-driving cars going around town. Up until now we haven’t seen too many big tests of these cars, but that has just changed.

Delphi, an automotive technology company, has made a big step forward in proving what self-driving can do with the assistance of Audi.

Delphi equipped an Audi SQ5 with six long range radars, four short range radars, six lidars, three vision based cameras, a localization system, intelligent software algorithms, and a full of Advanced Drive Assistance Systems. Then the car made a 3,400 mile journey from San Francisco to New York in nine days.

During the drive the car encountered construction zones, traffic circles, tunnels, bridges, many different weather and road conditions and everyone’s nightmare, aggressive drivers.


Even though a driver was behind the wheel the entire trip as insurance in case something went wrong, Delphi ensures that 99% of the drive was performed in fully automated mode.

Delphi has posted clips from the journey on YouTube and you can check them out in the embedded player below.

Source: Delphi

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