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Apple Watch Launch Hit With A Patent Dispute In Switzerland

Apple Watch Launch Hit With A Patent Dispute In Switzerland
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The Apple Watch, due for release later this month, has hit a little problem.

It seems that, in Switzerland, Apple cannot use the image of an apple, nor can they use the word “apple” for any product. The patent for that is owned by William Longe, of the watch brand Leonard. Mr Longe currently owns the rights to his patent until December 5th 2015 – this information comes to us via Re/Code who picked it up from the Swiss Website RTS. It’s worth noting that this product is the first Apple has made in recent years that has the word “apple” in the product’s name.

The Apple Watch is the first new mobile hardware to be released from Apple since April 2010, when Steve Jobs announced the first iPad. Since Tim Cook took over while continuing their success have made many large blunders. If Apple had not been able to release their watch in Spain, or Ireland I do not think many would take notice. However, this is Switzerland. The home of the watch.

When people think high quality watches they only think about the Swiss. For Apple to release a $17,000 watch and not be able to release it in the home of the watch is indeed a big blunder. This should never have been allowed to happen.

Source: Re/code

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