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Microsoft To Take Aim At Google With A $149 Windows 10 Laptop

Microsoft To Take Aim At Google With A $149 Windows 10 Laptop

Microsoft has an image problem and it is called The Chromebook. It is almost 4 years since Google announced and released the first Chromebook in June 2011, since then Microsoft has witnessed the rise of Chromebook slowly eating into their once secure business. It is very clear that Microsoft needs to do something to tackle Google and their popular OS.

According to Digitimes the new plan coming from Microsoft is a $149 laptop. Made by ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) and coming with an Intel’s Bay Trail-T CR processor and an 11.6 inch screen all running a stripped down version of Windows 10. What we are talking here is a cheap version of the HP Stream 11 that is already on the market that customers are not going for. Perhaps by undercutting all the current Chromebooks on the market, that is until Google does the same with their $149 laptops, Microsoft hopes to regain the foothold that has been slipping away on them.

While I am not sure that a £149 laptop is the way forward for Microsoft. I would question just how good the quality would be coming in at this price. My biggest concern with this is here we have yet another example of Microsoft reacting to Google. This feels like another cheap (pun intended) shot, just as they did with the Scroogled campaign. Until they get the core issues that exist around Windows more and more customers will leave. A cheap as chips laptop is not going to solve that problem for them.

Does the idea of a $149 Windows laptop tempt you? Or do you think this is just another failed stunt from a company that has not adapted to the changing needs of todays customers? As always let us know your thoughts we really like to hear from you.


Source: Digitimes via Forbes

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