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Comcast Announces New 2Gbps Internet Service – Coming To Atlanta Next Month

Comcast Announces New 2Gbps Internet Service – Coming To Atlanta Next Month

Faster internet speeds are something we all want. Over the past few months we’ve seen more providers offering faster speeds and we’ve seen the expansion of 1Gbps speeds. Now Comcast is taking it up a notch in announcing a new 2Gbps broadband service which will start rolling out in Atlanta next month.

The new service will be symmetrical which means upload speeds will be just as fast as download speeds and that won’t be limited to “certain neighborhoods”. Doug Guthrie, Comcast South Senior VP, said that the company’s “approach is to offer the most comprehensive rollout of multi-gigabit service to the most homes as quickly as possible.”

To get this service you’ll need to live “within close proximity” of Comcast’s fiber network and you’ll need to accept installation of professional grade equipment. Pricing for this service hasn’t been announced yet, but trust me, it won’t be cheap by any means. Comcast plans to expand the service to cover as many as 18 million homes by the end of the year. However they haven’t announced what cities or regions they will offer this to next.

Comcast also announced that they are planning to introduce a 1Gbps service in 2016 which they plan to deliver to “almost every customer in our footprint.”

This is all in complete contrast to what Comcast said about these speeds in the past saying that they were excessive for most people’s needs and that no one needed it. Obviously competition has changed their minds.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to sign up for this service when it’s available or is it a bit of overkill in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

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