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Spotify Launching On The PS4 And PS3 Today

Spotify Launching On The PS4 And PS3 Today

Going back a couple months, Sony announced their plans to kill off their Music Unlimited service to replace it with Spotify. Starting today, that change is complete.

The Spotify app for the PS4 and PS3 both use a new app design rather than using a port of another platform. On the PS4 the app supports background listening which means you can stream your favorite music while you’re playing games. Unfortunately that functionality isn’t available for the PS3.


Spotify Connect is also supported which means you’ll be able to control your music from your phone or tablet but have it playing through the PlayStation. Spotify’s free service is also available on the PS4 and PS3, something Spotify usually doesn’t do. For the most part free-to-play is restricted to mobile and PC users.

The new service is available in 41 countries around the world through the PlayStation Music app on both the PS3 and PS4 starting today.

Spotify’s partnership with Sony is as an exclusive which means the Xbox One probably won’t be seeing a Spotify app any time soon.

Source: Spotify

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